10 places you must visit in Honolulu

When we talked about Hawaii and Honolulu we inmediately think in beach and sun. However there`s plenty more to know and with an vehicle of Economy Rent a you can do it. Here`s 10 places you must know in Honolulu.


1. Whatching humpback whales

Between november and may, at the southest cost of Hawaii you could observe the majestic humpback whales. Many are visible through plan sight, however fo a better experience is better to book a tour on a boat.


2. Hanauma Bay

This basin was formed over thousand years ago at a volcanic crater. Now it`s an area of sea conservation, both turtles, reefs and fish. It´s a great place to practice snorkel.


3. Diamond Head State Monument

This is one of the most popular sites for hiking in the whole island. Has places with an excellent sight of downtown Waikiki.


4. Na Pohaka Ola Kapaemahu a Kapuni

Known as the «Magic Stones», it´s said that were colocated at Oahu by 4 famous healers of Tahiti. Before they left, the healers enodwed the stones with magical powers. This 4 stones are permanently relocated at Kuhio Beach.


5. Bishop Museum

This museum hast the largest collection of polinesian artifacts in the world. Has also a lot of information about the island history and many more attractions.


6. One day trip at Kailua

This beach is one of the most famous in the island, full of white sand. If you are not enjoying this beautiful beach you can head to the town where you will find thousands of unique souvenirs made by local artisans.


7.Relax at a Luau

Enjoy a typical hawaian experience, both cultural and gastronomical: A Luau. Please yourself with famous island dishes like Pork Luau, Lomi Lomi Salmon while you enjoy a traditional hawaian entertainment.


8. Iolani Palace

It was the home of the last 2 monarchies of the island and the only oficial royal palace in the United States.


9. Nightlife for all tastes

Either in downtown Waikiki or in Chinatown, the night life in Honolulu has everything for the ones that just want to relax as for the ones that want to party. Clubs, Tiki Lounges, Jazz Bars are among the options available.


10. Salt in Kaka`ako

A warehouse full of artisans, restaurants, breweries and many more. It´s a trendy place on the island and thousands of tourists visit it every year.

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