5 apps for road trips

Waze is a very useful application for road trips but, believe it or not, it is not the only one.

Wave app

Traveling is one of the best experiences to unplug from the «real world» and the routine. However, our families can become concerned if we are unavailable for too long.

Wave App allows your loved ones to check on the status of your trip, in real-time location, without having to call you every 30 minutes. Therefore, you can enjoy those moments of disconnection while your family stays calm at home.

MyCar locator

Everybody has forgotten where they parked their vehicle, at least once. It seems like a simple task, but it has happened to many of us. 

This application allows you to record the position of your car using GPS, so you will never forget where you parked to go climb a mountain or surf for a while.


A road trip is much more than knowing the route you are driving by, and Sygic knows this very well.

Sygic, not only helps you with the route, but also provides you with relevant information such as: real-time traffic data, location of speed cameras and even the prices of gas stations on the way to help you fill your tank for less money.

If you travel alone, Sygic is your ideal companion.


This app is not exactly for driving, but it will be very useful for you, no doubt.

TripAdvisor is one of the largest review guides on the web. With reviews of restaurants, hotels and other businesses, this application will allow you to know the experience of millions of users previously, so that you can make more informed decisions.


What would a road trip be like without a great playlist?

It is true that almost everybody has Spotify on their mobile nowadays but, if you don’t, you should download it and make sure you save and download your favorite playlists. This way, you ensure that on your trip there will not be a single gap in the telephone signal that separates you from your favorite artists.

In Economy, we have created a variety of playlists for all those road trips, click here to check them out. 

What other applications would you recommend to other travelers like you? Tell us in the comments

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