5 magical waterfalls in Costa Rica you should visit

Costa Rica is one of the most famous places to visit because of its beautiful beaches. However, there are some magical places that not everyone thinks about first when planning vacations in Costa Rica: waterfalls. 

Here are our picks for your next trip to Costa  Rica:

La Paz

La Paz is probably the most accessible waterfall in Costa Rica. Just 60 mins ago from Juan Santamaría National Airport and 90 min from San José, this is the perfect place to share a beautiful day with family and friends surrounded by nature.

There you will walk through 3 great waterfalls and a wildlife refuge where you can find wild cats, birds, snakes and a lot of other wild animals.

Rio Celeste


Rio Celeste is a physics miracle you must see if you visit Costa Rica. The union of two rivers causes a physics phenomenon that colors the water with a bright turquoise tint. 

The park is about three and a half hours but the beauty of this place and the other attractions near Rios Celeste makes the experience worth it. 

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Located near Dominical beach, Nauyaca is one of the most famous places for adventurous people nowadays. You can reach the waterfalls by walking, horseback riding or on a truck. 

Nauyaca has two gigantic waterfalls where you can take that amazing photo you need for your instagram feed or having a bath in the cold waters of the second waterfall. 

Llanos de Cortes

Llanos de Cortes is a perfect place to go with family. Located in Guanacaste, this waterfall is super accessible and has a huge pool with a shallow pool. 

Llanos de Cortes is the oasis you need in the middle of Guanacaste high temperatures.

Del Toro

Del Toro is one of the highest waterfalls in Costa Rica, with more than 270 feet over an extinct volcanic crater. 

This amazing place is just a couple of hours away from San José, the best way to reach it is by car and near you can also find trails and a hummingbird garden.

Have you already visited Costa Rica? Let us know if you have another recommendation below in the comments.

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