5 Tips to have a safe road trip with kids!

Taking a family trip should be enjoyed from beginning to end! Therefore, we give you 5 tips that don’t fail to avoid them to get bored, sickness and the famous question «Are we there yet?» That always came up during travel tours by car.

1. Safety: The first and most important point. Remember that all children by weight, height, age and less than 1.45 meters height, travel with their respective special chair; as well as those taller than this stature must always use the belt inside the vehicle during the journey.

• 0-1 year (13kg. max. weight) The child must travel on the back of the car (central seat) and in the opposite direction to the circulation.

• 1-4 years (18kg. max. weight) Chair should be placed in the back seat and on the central seat. (If you have put two chairs this one could be put it on the side seat)

• 4-6 years (15-25kg. max. weight) The baby seat must have back support. It should go in one of the side seats on the back of the car.

• 6-12 years (22-23kg. max. weight) Don’t need to have back support and must go on the side seats on the back of the car.

2. Routes: Plan the route and its duration, this allows defining strategic stops to control the anxiety of children. So they can rest, stretch, go to the bathroom, take a break and get back on the road. When you get back into the car, you can tell them how long will take and where they are going, this way avoid them from questioning the road and you go a step ahead. If there are children that are a little bit older, you can involve them in the planning process, this way they will be calm during the tour.


3. Snacks: Prepare a traveling picnic! Make your children happy with snacks and favorite fruits, this will help you lift the spirits during the trip and bring happy stomachs on board. Ideally, these snacks can be prepared at home, so it is easier to make sure you give them healthy food and save stops that delay the time of arrival. An extra tip is to carry a package of different snacks as it allows children to choose and to keep control about what they are eating and avoiding liquid spills that can stain the vehicle.


4. Fun: Family trips are perfect for strengthening bonds! Take advantage of this to have a good time and develop children’s imagination. They can sing, take their  favorite toys or play dynamics such as: «I see, I see», chained words, guess who I am, among others. (We promise to expand on this topic later!) However, we recommend not placing videos or games on your phone that can get their stomach upset on the way.

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5. Always ready!: Thinking of everything, is the last tip but does not mean that the least important. It is essential to always carry in the car a complete kit «in case of emergencies» that includes: extra clothes, wet towels, tissues, bandages, blankets and medicines if necessary. This is something that can be kept in a small basket so it doesn’t waste space inside the vehicle.


Now! Take advantage of these tips and enjoy, create memories and fill your heart with more love for them in a vehicle that allows you to travel with the whole family as comfortable as possible.

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