7 driving tips in Orlando

Are you traveling to Orlando? The first step to assure the success during your stay in this city is to rent your vehicle with Economy. Once you have your rental car with Economy Rent a Car there`s nothing left but to start your adventure. But, What you must know when you drive in Orlando? Here`s a few tips:

1. Remember to drive always at the right side of the road.

Hand on Wheel Car Driving

2. The speed limit sign is always at the right side of the highway.

Car ride on road in sunny weather

3. You must have your lights on from sunset and untill dawn. Also if there´s rain or fog. Avoid a ticket.

Driving in Dense Fog at Night

4. Kids 5 year or younger must use a special seat according to their wight.

car seat

5. If by any reason the police stops you don`t step out of your vechicle. Lower your window and instructions from the officer.


6. Turning right is possible with a red light, except that exists a sign that says otherwise.


7. The Speed Limit is generaly from 55 m/h at avenues and 65 m/h on highways.


During your stay in Orlando you can enjoy one of the vehicles that Economy has to offer. If you are interested in renting a car with us you can do it through our website or calling any of our numbers.

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