7 tips for long drives during this holidays

We are all waiting for the holidays because at that time of the year we usually spend time with our families and loved ones. However, many times we have to driver very long distances to get to them. That´s why we would like to share with you this tips if you are driving long distances during this holidays.


1.  Make sure your vehicle is at optimal conditions (you can take for granted this tip if you rent a vehicle from Economy Rent a Car)

Before a long trip is important that your vehicle is at optimal conditions. Renting a vehicle with Economy Rent a Car you can be sure that our vehicles are in the best conditions to face your journey.

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2. Investigate and plan ahead the route you are following

This way you can choose the roads the best suit your needs, as you can plan your possible stop destintaions, avoiding the stress that improvisation can cause.


3. Drive by sections

Is highly recommended at long routes that you split them in driving sections. Stop at least every two hours helps you keep focus and remaining alert.

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4.  Have snacks around and the most important of all: keep yourself hydrated

On long travels is important to have around light snacks (fruits are the best option, since they give you energy), of preference not salty ones. Must be small and light to avoid that feeling of saturation and tiredness that you get after a big/heavy meal. It`s highly important for you to keep hydrated, since recent studies found that people under deshydratation makes as much mistakes as people under the effects of alcohol.


5. Drive under the speed limit

Besides remaining under the law (which is highly recommended) it will allow you to drive more calmly, you will avoid getting tired way fast if you the pressure to be at your destination as fast as your accelerator can.


6. Open your window once in a while

it doesnt matter if is cold or hot outside, once in a while open your window, this will keep you awake and alert by feeling fresh air.


7. Listening to music, to keep you active

The goal here is to keep your ears entertainmed, but not exhausted by very heavy music or too energetic. Instrumental music or soft rock are recommended choises.

Remember, either you have a short o a long trip, your best choise in vehicles is Economy Rent a Car. Cars in optimal conditions at excellent prices. You can make your reservation at our website or calling any our contact numbers.








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