8 apps that will make your trip easier!

Do you remember those times when we had to take a huge map to find the place where we want to go? Us neither! Technology makes it easy to access a lot of information that facilitates all activities of daily life, including travel!

This is why we share this useful list of mobile apps (available for Android and iOS) that will undoubtedly be very helpful to plan and enjoy your next trips.

1. Hopper: an app to get the best prices on flights and stay.


This application allows you not only to book your flight and stay, but also tells you when it is the best time to do it. Only with entering the departure date, the application predicts when is the best time to make your reservation.

2. Google Trips: an app that helps you plan your trips in an easier way.


Google Trips can organize the itinerary of our new experience, this application is also synchronized with Gmail. This means that it detects the tickets you have purchased, the departure time and the flight number (this if the confirmation email was sent to a Google account).

But this is not all, it also allows you to download the information of the city you are going to visit and gives you recommendations of places you can visit, eat, among other activities. Once the information is downloaded, you do not need an internet connection to have access to the information.

This application also offers you the option to organize an automated itinerary, in case you do not have time to plan yours.

3. Pack Point: an app that helps you organize what you need to include in your luggage and suitcases.


Making the suitcase can be a bit overwhelming. Sometimes we are not sure what to wear and what the weather is like, among others. Pack Point offers you the solution, since its function is to examine the dates and the destination to give you suggestions of the things you must take, as well as the weather for the dates you are going to be at your destiny.

This is not all, you can include a list of activities you want to do (adventure, exercise, or visit natural or historical places) and Pack Point tells you what things you must take so you do not forget anything.

4. Wifi Map: an app that gives you the public Wi-fi passwords.


Not only shows you on a map the closest Wi-Fi connections, it shows you the password so you can connect without a problem. This application is fed by the same users who share the information of their networks so that tourists can have a better experience in their visit.

5. Economy Rent a Car: an app that offers you a great variety of vehicles for all types of adventure.

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With the Economy Rent a Car application you can book your vehicle following 4 easy steps, in more than 100 locations around the world. 

6. XE Currency: an app that helps you calculate live currency and foreign exchange rates.


If there is something of vital importance in a trip it is the exchange of the currency. On this depends the planning of your finances for the trip. This application gives you the exchange rate of most currencies around the world so you can be aware of the price of everything.

7. Google Translate: an app that has a multilingual automatic translation system, to translate text, voice, images or video in real time from one language to another.


It has more than 103 languages ​​to translate, both written and oral. It gives you the option to reproduce in audio what you want to translate, to make it easier to communicate.

8. GeoSure: an app that is designed to assist travelers by providing quantifiable, personalized travel security content.


With this application you can know which places are recommended to mobilize and which are not, information that is very useful to keep you safe during your trip.

Remember that no matter where you go, you can always count with Economy Rent a Car for every type of trip you have in mind.


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