7 alternative activities to do during the quarantine

If you are going through the quarantine at home and feel like there is nothing else to do apart from watching series and movies, here is a list of different and entertaining things you can do:

1. Take out your board games


Now that your family is staying at home, it’s the perfect time to dust off your favorite board games and gather them all to play. Just don’t get too competitive and let your family members win once in a while. This can be an activity that helps you get together as a family and have a good time.

2. Do exercise


Take advantage of the fact that fitness apps now have offers or are even free, to encourage people to stay at home. For example, Chris Hemsworth during this quarantine period put his routines for free in the Centr app. Sign up before March 31 on their website: https://centr.com/join-us. There are also gyms that are making live videos on their different social networks, to keep you active during this quarantine

3. Put your things in order.

You might always postpone tidying up your room or your desk at home because your work or studies were taking your time, but now is the ideal time to do it. To inspire you, here you have a video with hacks to organize your room.

4. Read a printed book


A totally screen-free activity. Take advantage of the sunlight and sit in your favorite chair to read that book you always wanted to start or finish, while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea.

5. Cook new recipes

Bring out your inner chef and dare to try new food recipes. You can try recipes from the Middle East, Europe… the world is the limit. Here you have the Tasty channel, where you can find thousands of quick and easy recipes. 

6. Dedicate yourself to art


Painting and drawing is not just for the little ones. This activity will bring you many benefits: it will help you relax and improve your concentration. If you have a printer and colored pencils, here is a page where you can download and print images of all kinds to color.

7. Share time with your pets

We bet that, at this moment where you spend your time indoors, your pets are happy and in a good mood right next to you. Don’t forget about these little ones and take time for them. Find their favorite toys and play with them, give them a bath with warm water or even go further and practice new activities with them such as doing yoga with your pet. 

What other activities do you recommend doing in this quarantine?

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