Travel Safely with Economy Rent a Car

We would like our customers to know what is being done so that they can have the safest, and most pleasant rental experience with Economy Rent a Car. This bulletin aims to detail how we are proactively implementing very strict safety protocols and taking additional steps to protect our team members and customers during these unprecedented times.

Please note our procedures are constantly updated based on federal and local authorities, with the goal to minimize, and ultimately, eliminate the propagation of the Covid19 virus. 

What are we doing? 

  • Additional products customers may or may not select are being cleaned after each rental. This includes car seats, GPS devices, toll passes, equipment racks, WiFi hot spots, etc.
  • Signage has been posted on shuttles to encourage employees and customers to social distance and wear masks.
  • Safety measures such as masks, cleaning supplies and at least 70% alcohol-based hand sanitizing products have been provided for employees.
  • At least 70% alcohol-based hand sanitizing products are offered and easily accessible to customers.
  • Our cleaning staff is applying strict health protocols recommended by both local and federal agencies including:
    • Extensive and regular cleaning of areas of high transit as well as rental counter and employee desks.
    • Ensuring that cleaning products are readily available to our staff.
    • Cleaning frequently used items including:
      • Telephones
      • Keyboards and mouse
      • Doorknobs
      • Door handles
      • Handrails
      • Seats Windows
      • Luggage storage
      • Bells Pens
      • Door
      • Countertops
      • Kiosks
  • All employees are applying strict protocol, which consists in them:
    • Constantly washing hands especially when:
      • Attending a customer (without gloves)
      • Coming in to work.
      • After sneezing.
      • Returning from lunch or car deliveries.
    • Avoiding touching their face.
    • Using cough and sneezing protocols.
    • Applying social distancing when greeting customers and fellow employees.
    • Using new gloves when possible and properly discarding them immediately after customer interactions.
  • Our car wash and maintenance teams have implemented new procedures including:
    • Using gloves when servicing vehicles.
    • Internal areas are mandated to be disinfected, putting special effort in zones like the steering wheel, handles, gear shift, doors, keys, seat belts, driver controls, buttons, latches, consoles, radio, climate controls, vents, seat adjustments, cup holders, glove compartments, arm rest and trunk area.
    • Using hospital grade disinfectants to sterilize vehicles 
    • Fumigating cars, when possible, with hospital grade disinfectants.
  • The following changes have been made to the rental facilities to increase social distancing by:
    • Allowing the fewest number of customers and staff in the office during the rental process.
    • Placing acrylic shields on all rental counters.
    • Spacing customers 6 feet apart in lines, seating areas and rental counters.
    • Implementing work-from-home policies for every employee whose responsibilities allow for them to do so.
    • Posting material in prominent locations to encourage customers and staff to take extra precautions and follow company guidelines.
  • To reduce the risk of interactions we have instituted a flexible sick policy and response plan to be proactive in the event of coming in contact with someone who may have Covid19:
    • Monitor employees or customers that presents flu-like symptoms.
    • Asking customers that present flu-like symptoms to wait outside.
    • Asking coworkers with flu-like symptoms to return home.
    • Establishing a safe place for customers who fall ill to wait for medical assistance. 

Finally, we have placed committees in each location responsible for ensuring that these policies are carried out during each shift.

Cancel or modify your reservation

We understand the situation that travelers are going through and the implications it may have on itineraries. That is why, Economy Rent a Car will reimburse its customers for any of the following reasons: 

  • Flight cancellation and/or customer could not get to the rental location
  • Natural disaster prevented travel
  • Illness prevented travel
  • Death in the family prevented travel
  • Jury duty prevented travel
  • Economy was unable to fulfill the customer reservation (example no vehicle available)
  • Any action due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If a customer chooses to change the date of their reservation the handling fee will be waived but may be subject to a rate adjustment. For date change please contact 1 877 326 7368. To process a refund if you have any problems with your reservation please email

The entire Economy family is thankful for the doctors, nurses, first responders, researchers, and public servants who are working to make others’ lives better and get us all through these difficult times.

Going forward we will continue to look for ways to improve our service and rise to the challenge that this moment in time presents. 

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