6 tips to become an eco-friendly tourist

Every time we traveled we kept something of each destination in our hearts. However there should be no sign of our passing in the destination we are visiting. That´s why we like to share with you this 6 tips to become an eco-friendly tourist:


1. Support the local economy (besides the Economy office 😉 )

Buy local products and support the families involved. In the process you will absorbe the culture of the destination.


2. Don´t take anything from your destination

Either plants or animals, despite how beautiful they might be it could unbalance, not only your ecosystem but also the one you are visiting.

national park

3. Visit national parks so your expenses impact directly on their budget.

Many national parks are sustained mostly by their own income. So buy tickets, t-shirts, anything that can help them staying alive.

Earth Day In the hands of trees growing seedlings. Bokeh green Background Female hand holding tree on nature field grass Forest conservation concept

4.Use natural resourses with moderation.

From tap water to air conditioning, the more moderation you have the more you will contribute.

eat local.jpg

5. Eat local

By consuming local products you will contribute with the local development, besides local products have no importation and associate expenses, with less impact on the environment.

turismo sostenible

6. Choose travel companies that respect the human rights and the environment.

Esta es una excelente forma de disminuir el impacto ambiental de tu visita. This an excellent way to make a direct impact on the preservation of the destination you are going to visit.

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