5 road trips you should take at least once

Have you ever dreamed of leaving everything and take a trip around the world? Well, maybe you won’t leave everything but at least you can taste a little of adventure taking a road trip for several days or weeks. We’ve prepared a list of 5 road trips, some you can make them in 2 days, other in a week or less. Remember: you can count on our cars to start your carventure! Read More

7 tips for long drives during this holidays

We are all waiting for the holidays because at that time of the year we usually spend time with our families and loved ones. However, many times we have to driver very long distances to get to them. That´s why we would like to share with you this tips if you are driving long distances during this holidays.

1.  Make sure your vehicle is at optimal conditions (you can take for granted this tip if you rent a vehicle from Economy Rent a Car)

Before a long trip is important that your vehicle is at optimal conditions. Renting a vehicle with Economy Rent a Car you can be sure that our vehicles are in the best conditions to face your journey.

2. Investigate and plan ahead the route you are following

This way you can choose the roads the best suit your needs, as you can plan your possible stop destintaions, avoiding the stress that improvisation can cause.

3. Drive by sections

Is highly recommended at long routes that you split them in driving sections. Stop at least every two hours helps you keep focus and remaining alert.

4.  Have snacks around and the most important of all: keep yourself hydrated

On long travels is important to have around light snacks (fruits are the best option, since they give you energy), of preference not salty ones. Must be small and light to avoid that feeling of saturation and tiredness that you get after a big/heavy meal. It`s highly important for you to keep hydrated, since recent studies found that people under deshydratation makes as much mistakes as people under the effects of alcohol.

5. Drive under the speed limit

Besides remaining under the law (which is highly recommended) it will allow you to drive more calmly, you will avoid getting tired way fast if you the pressure to be at your destination as fast as your accelerator can.

6. Open your window once in a while

it doesnt matter if is cold or hot outside, once in a while open your window, this will keep you awake and alert by feeling fresh air.

7. Listening to music, to keep you active

The goal here is to keep your ears entertainmed, but not exhausted by very heavy music or too energetic. Instrumental music or soft rock are recommended choises.

Remember, either you have a short o a long trip, your best choise in vehicles is Economy Rent a Car. Cars in optimal conditions at excellent prices. You can make your reservation at our website or calling any our contact numbers.







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Thinking about going to Trinidad and Tobago? Count on Economy!

This paradise destination in the caribbean is a jewel for those who love the beach tourism. Trinidad and Tobago is a country that offers millions of beauties, and you can know them all by renting a vehicle from Economy Rent a Car.

Our office is located directly at the Robinson International Airport, for your confort.

What vehicles can i choose in this location?

We have a wide fleet in Trinidad and Tobago at your disposal. At this link you can observe the vehicles you can rent with Economy Rent a Car.

Business Hours

This location opens from Monday to Sunday, the 24 hours of the day.

At Trinidad and Tobago we are the best option for your car rental needs. To make a reservation with Economy Rent a Car you can do it through our website o calling at any of our contact numbers: https://www.economyrentacar.com/contact-us Read More

Are you going to Chile? You can count with Economy Rent a Car!


One of the most attractive destinations in South America is Chile. It´s combination of beautiful landscapes and modern cities it´s a quality that brings millions of tourists each year. That´s why Economy Rent a Car offers their service in this beautiful country.

Our office is located right at the Santiago of Chile International Airport for your confort.

What vehicles can i choose at this location?

We have a wide fleet at your disposal in Chile. At this link you can observe the vehicles that can be rented with Economy Rent a Car in this location https://www.economyrentacar.com/vehicles/chile/santiago-car-rental

Business Hours

This location opens Monday to Sunday, from 7:00 am to 6:30 pm.

At Chile we are you are best option if you want to rent a vehicle. To make your reservation you can do it through our website or calling any of contact numbers: https://www.economyrentacar.com/contact-us

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Best Black Friday deals

This is the time of the year that all companies and businesses offer special rates at the “Black Friday weekend” and Economy Rent a Car is not the exception.

And we have deals for all tastes! This are the destinations we have available for you:

Iceland with a 5% discount

This beautifull destination has now one more reason for you to visit it. With the code “BLACK” you can get 5% discount and fulfill your dream to go to this beautifull country. The discount applies to all our fleet.

Bolivia and Oaxaca: 25% less

This two attractive destinations offer a 25% discount on your rate with just use the discount code “BLACK” on any reservation made at our website. The discount applies to all our fleet.

New York and Panamá: 15% savings

Are you planning a visit to the “Big Apple”? Shopping on Panamá? Well, in that case we have a great offer for you. Use the code “BLACK” on our reservation system and you will have 15% off your rate. The discount applies to all our fleet.

Winnipeg, Las Vegas, San Diego, Montreal: 10% discount

Four destinations preferred by tourist around the world in which you can enjoy of 10% discount on your vehicle* with Economy Rent a Car. Just use the code “BLACK” on our website. The discount applies to all our fleet.*

*At San Diego applies for all vehicles except Minivans

To use this promo code at our website just added to the box “Promo Code”.

Remember that this promotions apply only during this weekend. What are you waiting for?

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5 international destinations for Thanksgiving

For Thanksgiving there are two types of people: those who visit family and friends, and those who prefer to spend this holiday around the globe. For the second type, we have some great recommendations to celebrate Thanksgiving:

1. Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is an excellent option to relax and leave behind the stress of the city and enjoy new landscapes and adventours.

Need to rent a car for your trip in Cancun? Get to know our office in Cancun Airport.

2. Kingston, Jamaica

Kingston is a city full of contrasts. You’ll find peace and beautiful beaches at the same time intense nightlife and music.

3. Sofia, Bulgaria

Probably there’s few cities in the world with as much variety and history as Sofia, in the beautiful country of Bulgaria, on eastern Europe. Check out the list of 10 places that you can’t miss out in Sofia we’ve prepared for you.

Looking for a vehicle in Sofia? Rent it with us!

4.  Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sexy and vibrant, Buenos Aires has a lot to offer to those who are seeking to visit an unforgettable metropoli. There are a lot of things to do and places to visit, and for sure you may want to know the most emblematic aspectos of the city. We recommend you 5 things to do in Buenos Aires to make the most of your travel.

5. Vancouver, Canada

If you’re afraid of missing out the best deals from black friday, no worries, other stores around the globe are participating in the biggest sale day of the year. Vancouver is a great option to go abroad to visit a multicultural city and still taking great deals in shopping.

Need a car for Vancouver? We have the one for you.

What other abroad destinations do you recommend to spend thanksgiving? Let us know in the comments!

10 places you must visit in Honolulu

When we talked about Hawaii and Honolulu we inmediately think in beach and sun. However there`s plenty more to know and with an vehicle of Economy Rent a you can do it. Here`s 10 places you must know in Honolulu.

1. Whatching humpback whales

Between november and may, at the southest cost of Hawaii you could observe the majestic humpback whales. Many are visible through plan sight, however fo a better experience is better to book a tour on a boat.

2. Hanauma Bay

This basin was formed over thousand years ago at a volcanic crater. Now it`s an area of sea conservation, both turtles, reefs and fish. It´s a great place to practice snorkel.

3. Diamond Head State Monument

This is one of the most popular sites for hiking in the whole island. Has places with an excellent sight of downtown Waikiki.

4. Na Pohaka Ola Kapaemahu a Kapuni

Known as the “Magic Stones”, it´s said that were colocated at Oahu by 4 famous healers of Tahiti. Before they left, the healers enodwed the stones with magical powers. This 4 stones are permanently relocated at Kuhio Beach.

5. Bishop Museum

This museum hast the largest collection of polinesian artifacts in the world. Has also a lot of information about the island history and many more attractions.

6. One day trip at Kailua

This beach is one of the most famous in the island, full of white sand. If you are not enjoying this beautiful beach you can head to the town where you will find thousands of unique souvenirs made by local artisans.

7.Relax at a Luau

Enjoy a typical hawaian experience, both cultural and gastronomical: A Luau. Please yourself with famous island dishes like Pork Luau, Lomi Lomi Salmon while you enjoy a traditional hawaian entertainment.

8. Iolani Palace

It was the home of the last 2 monarchies of the island and the only oficial royal palace in the United States.

9. Nightlife for all tastes

Either in downtown Waikiki or in Chinatown, the night life in Honolulu has everything for the ones that just want to relax as for the ones that want to party. Clubs, Tiki Lounges, Jazz Bars are among the options available.

10. Salt in Kaka`ako
A warehouse full of artisans, restaurants, breweries and many more. It´s a trendy place on the island and thousands of tourists visit it every year.

Remember that the most important thing in your journey at Honolulu is to rent your vehicle with Economy Rent a Car. You can reserve your vehicle at our website or calling at (786) 975-2222 or any of our customer service lines


Get to know Iceland with Economy!

The natural beauties of Iceland are priceless. A small european country, but with a great tradition and rich variety of natural resources. It´s a destination full of adventure where your best travel partner will be a vehicle of Economy Rent a Car.

Our office is located right at the Reykjavik International Airport, for your confort.

What vehicles can i choose at this location?

At Iceland we have a wide fleet at your disposal. At this link you can observe the vehicles we have available for you at Economy Rent a Car: https://www.economyrentacar.com/vehicles/iceland/iceland-car-rental.

Business Hours

This locations open 24/7.

At Iceland your best choise to rent a vehicle will always be Economy Rent a Car. To make your reservation you can do it through our website or calling at the (786) 975-2222 or any of our contact numbers: https://www.economyrentacar.com/contact-us Read More