6 things that you must have on your next roadtrip

Do you have already your vehicle reserved with Economy Rent a Car? Then you are ALMOST ready for your next roadtrip. Here´s a list of 6 things that you must have on your next roadtrip:



Roadtrips can get long and depending on your destination the restaurant options could be limited. That´s why we recommend to pack fruits or healthy snacks so you can battle hunger during your trip.

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Hydration is crucial during a trip, specially if you are the one driving. Recent studies find out that driving with a correct hydration could increase the risk of having a car accident up to 60%, since it affect your reflexes and your energy.


Travel games

One excellent way to pass time and being entertained during a trip is playing game trips. They are also an excellent way to improve your family relationship with each other. You can see some options here: https://thewholeworldornothing.com/best-travel-games-for-adults/


Emergency kits

Any vehicle must have an emergency kit on it. It must include triangles, wires, fire extinguisher, but also pills and medicines.


Un buen playlist de viaje

We got you covered on this one! Just follow Economy Rent a Car on Spotify and you can access to several awesome playlists for your trips.

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Change of clothes

It´s very important to always bring a change of clothes, it doesn´t matter if it is a one day trip, it´s better to be safe than sorry.

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