New Year, new Economy Rent a Car locations!

We decided to start big this 2021 at Economy Rent a Car and that´s why we have new and exciting destinations available that you can discover with an Economy vehicle.

From caribbean destinations like Guam to exotic places like Turkey or Morocco, this are some of the new cities where you can rent a vehicle with us:

Oranjestad, Aruba

The beautiful island of Aruba awaits for you to travel through their coastlines with one of our finest vehicles. You can observe our fleet in Aruba at this link. 

Tamuning, Guam

This island small in size but huge in attractions is now part of the large Economy Rent a Car worldwide network. If you are interested in renting a vehicle in Guam you can check our vehicles at this link. 


We now have two more locations available in one of the most important touristic destinations, not only in Europe, but worldwide: Naples and Ciampino.

If you are curious about our fleet in this locations you can see it by clicking on this link. 

Marrakech, Morocco

At this exotic destination you can appreaciate the beauties of the moroccan culture. We have a wide selection of vehicles at Marrakech and you can check it by clicking right here.

Izmir, Turkey

Izmir is the perfect destination if you like history and culture. And now you can discover even the last detail of it in a Economy Rent a Car´s vehicle. What choices do you have? Check our fleet here. 

Aguadilla, Puerto Rico


We have several amazing vehicles options for you at this caribbean pearl. Check our vehicle selection right here.

What are you waiting for? Aventure into any of this amazing destinations with the security of driving an Economy Rent a Car vehicle. We have the perfect car for you. 


6 tips to become an eco-friendly tourist

Every time we traveled we kept something of each destination in our hearts. However there should be no sign of our passing in the destination we are visiting. That´s why we like to share with you this 6 tips to become an eco-friendly tourist:


1. Support the local economy (besides the Economy office 😉 )

Buy local products and support the families involved. In the process you will absorbe the culture of the destination.


2. Don´t take anything from your destination

Either plants or animals, despite how beautiful they might be it could unbalance, not only your ecosystem but also the one you are visiting.

national park

3. Visit national parks so your expenses impact directly on their budget.

Many national parks are sustained mostly by their own income. So buy tickets, t-shirts, anything that can help them staying alive.

Earth Day In the hands of trees growing seedlings. Bokeh green Background Female hand holding tree on nature field grass Forest conservation concept

4.Use natural resourses with moderation.

From tap water to air conditioning, the more moderation you have the more you will contribute.

eat local.jpg

5. Eat local

By consuming local products you will contribute with the local development, besides local products have no importation and associate expenses, with less impact on the environment.

turismo sostenible

6. Choose travel companies that respect the human rights and the environment.

Esta es una excelente forma de disminuir el impacto ambiental de tu visita. This an excellent way to make a direct impact on the preservation of the destination you are going to visit.

Our vehicles are always maintained in excellent condition, which decreases the environmental impact. To rent one of our vehicles in any of our 100 locations in more than 30 countries around the world you can do it through our website:








Get to know Cyprus in a vehicle from Economy Rent a Car!

One of the most exotic destinations in Europe is Cyprus. Known by it´s beautiful mediterranean beaches, this country will make you want to return as soon as possible. Economy Rent a Car has 2 offices in this beautiful country: Paphos and Larnaca.

We are located in both Larnaca International Airport and Paphos International Airport.





At this link you can observe the vehicles we have available for you at our offices in Cyprus:


Everything you need to know to rent a vehicle in this location you can read it here:

Remember that your best rent a car option in Cyprus will always be Economy Rent a Car. You can rent your car at our website, calling at 2299-2000 or at any of our customer service numbers. Count on us!

Get to know the “charming island” with Economy Rent a Car

The famous island of Puerto Rico is a charming for all the visitors. Their beaches, their historic monuments and the architecture from the colonial time have the ability to amaze any tourist.

Our office is located at 204 Pomarrosa ST, conveniently located at San Juan Downtown, the capital of this beautiful island.



At this link you can observe the vehicles we have available for you at Puerto Rico :



When you arrive at the airport please call us using the phone located at the terminal and we will send a shuttle transport for you. Our local numbers are: 787-728-1447 or 800-934-6457.


Everything you need to know to rent a vehicle in this location you can see it right here:

Remember that in Puerto Rico your best option for car rental is Economy Rent a Car. You can rent your vehicle at our website, calling at 2299-2000 or any of our contact numbers. Count on us!


Are you on a adventure to Malaysia? You can count on Economy Rent a Car!

Have you always wanted to know the exotic city of Kuala Lumpur? This country is one of the best 10 countries with most touristic visitation around the world. From beautiful paradise like natural attractions to majestic and modern cities.

Our office in Malaysia is located at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, for your comfort.


What vehicles can i rent at this location?

At this link you can observe our fleet on the location of Kuala Lumpur:

Business Hours

Monday to Sunday: 07:00 – 23:00

At Malaysia your best option to rent a vehicle will always be Economy Rent a Car. To make your reservation you can do it through our website, calling at (786) 975-2222 or calling any of our contact numbers: .

10 tips to take care of your health on your next trip

Traveling requires a lot of planning for all to go the best way possible. However there´s always a subject that we don´t usually pay too much attention: our health.

That´s why we share with you these 10 tips to take care your health during your trip:

¡Before the expected journey!

1. Investigate about your destination.


This is the first step to know what considerations and type of clothing you need to wear. For example knowing if you can drink water from the pipe or not, food considerations, where`s the nearest hospital from the place you are staying.

2. Get a doctor’s appointment.

doctors appointment mental health

You can evaluate your physical state (in case there´s some physical activity on your destination), besides you can learn what precautions you must have on your destination.

3. Buying travel insurance.


A travel insurance can save you from a big spending in case you have to visit a hospital or even when the airline lost your luggage.

4. Pack according to your destination.


Not just as clothes matters, but buying pills and medicines (against muscular pains, flues, nausea, any illness that may affect you during your trip).

5. Check if the place you are going requires a special vaccine to visit.


Every countries embassy`s has this kind of information. With a short visit or phone call they can confirm this or any other question you may have.

¡During your trip!

6. Don´t exceed with alcoholic beverages and food.


You are in a new place, where you nearly don´t know anybody, don´t put yourself in a vulnerable situation like this.

7. Use always insects repellent. 

repelente insectos

Avoid nasty burns (especially in sunny destinations), sickness or allergic reactions transmitted by mosquito bites.

8. Keep in mind your medical history for the activities you will be doing. 


For example if you have a delicate stomach don´t try very exotic or spice food.

9. Keep yourself hydrated.


Not only to avoid dehydration, but to boost your energy and keep your defenses strong.

10. Stay alert on the signals your body is giving you.

painStrange pains, dizziness and generally irregular sensations can be a clue that something is not entirely right with you.


Once you get home and the days after, put attention to any strange felling you may have. Sometimes some sickness and reactions take a couple of days to manifest.

Remember that doesn´t matter the destination you are going, Economy Rent a Car offers the safest vehicles so you can have a worry-free travel.






Did you know our office in Liberia? Visit us in your next trip!

Guanacaste is a favorite destination of most of the people that visit Costa Rica. And many of those decide to enter the country through the Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia. We will be there, waiting for you to start your adventure in the best rental vehicle available.

We are located 2 km away from Liberia`s International Airport. We have shuttle service available to our location from the airport. Your can request this at the Economy Rent a Car`s counter located at the airport itself.



You can observe our available vehicles in Liberia at this link:


Todo lo que debes saber para rentar un vehículo en esta locación lo podés saber en este enlace:

Everything you need to know to rent a vehicle in this location you can learn it here:

If you are going to travel to Guanacaste, your best option will always be to rent a vehicle with Economy Rent a Car. You can make your reservation through our website, calling at 2299-2000 or through our customer service center at any of this numbers:

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What can you do when you visit Malaga? 10 places you can’t miss out.

Malaga it´s an extraordinary touristic destination, not only in Spain but in Europe. The tourists worlwide have this mediterrean place as one of their favorites, that`s why year by year recieves millions of visitors around the world.

That´s why we would like to share with you 10 places that you can`t miss on your visit to the beautiful city of Malaga.

Santa María de la Victoria Church

“Mother” of Malaga, this church is located at the historic center of the city, which means that has easy access from everywhere. It has a small museum that includes the Counts of Buenavista graveyard.

Gibralfaro`s lookout

This famous lookout is divided in two small lookouts at different heights with amazing views to iconic places in town like the Bullring, Malaga`s Harbor, among others.

Malaga`s Harbor

There´s a lot places to walk around and enjoy the beautiful urban sunset of the place. Besides having restaurants and stores very attractive for the visitor.


Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga

With the goal of diffusion the plastic arts of the XX and XXi century, this museum is an iniciative of the city hall. It has over 400 art pieces both from spanish and worldwide artists.

La Rosaleda Stadium

This stadium is famous in all europe. Home of the local team (Malaga Club de Fútbol) and several matches of the spanish national team. You can see over 100 years of the club`s history on it´s museum.


Malaga`s roman theather

At this location you can observe archeological rests of the ancient “Malaca” theather, proof of the roman presence in town.


La Malagueta Bullring

Your visit to Malaga is not complete without seeing this historic place. Inside the instalations you can see the Taurine Museum Antonio Ordóñez.

Plaza de toros de La Malagueta, Malaga, North view

Las Tres Gracias Fountain

Is also located at La Malagueta, this fountain is know in all Spain. Is also known as the “Fount of Nymphs”.


Malaga`s Museum

It´s one of the most valued cultural institutions in Spain. It has collections from 2 malagan institutions: Bellas Artes Museum of Malaga and the Archeological Museum of Malaga.

museo malaga

Museo Picasso

This museum it´s a homeage to the worldwide know artist Pablo Picasso, painter from Malaga. It has works of the artist and also homeages to hes career.


Remember that in order to enjoy the attractions that Malaga has for you your best option is to rent a vehicle with Economy Rent a Car. You can reserve your vehicle though our website: or calling at our call center. Count on us in Malaga!

You can find Economy Rent a Car in San Francisco!

Know as the “Bay City”, San Francisco is a destination that offers a lot to the tourist in only 50 square miles. From the famous Golden Gate Bridge, their famous restaurants, theathers, world famous opera`s and all this in a perfect weather during the whole year. And you can use the Economy Rent a Car service at this beautiful city!

Our location is located at 450 Sutter Street, at San Francisco Downtown. We have transportation service available from the airport.


What vehicles can you choose on this location?

At San Francisco we have a wide fleet at your disposal. In this link you can observe the vehicle you can rent with Economy Rent a Car in this location.

Business Hours

This locations opens Monday to Sunday, from 7:00am to 6:00pm

At San Francisco your best car rental option always will be Economy Rent a Car. You can make your reservation through our website or calling at 2299-2000 or any of our contact numbers:

In what places in Canada you can rent a vehicle from Economy?

One of the preferred countries to travel to, Canada offers a wide set of many destinations: environmental, adventoruos, big cities and many other.

What`s the first thing you need to start your travel in Canadá? Renting a vehicle with Economy Rent a Car. And you can enhoy the services of Economy in this cities:



Business Hours:

Monday to Sunday: 10:00-18:00




Business Hours:

Monday to Friday: 09:00-21:00

Saturday: 10:00-16:00

Sunday: 11:00-21:00




Business Hours:

Monday to Friday: 08:00-19:00

Saturday: 09:00-17:00

Sunday: 09:00-17:00



Check our travel guide for Montreal



Business Hours:

Monday to Sunday: 08:00-18:00




Business Hours:

Monday to Sunday: 08:00-18:00


Check out these hiking trails in Canada you don’t want to miss

Remember that no matter what your needs are, Economy Rent a Car has always a vehicle for you. Reserve your vehicle at our website or calling our customer service center. Count on us!