Let’s discover Los Ángeles with Economy!

One of the most important touristic destinations in the world is the city of Los Ángeles and that´s why a location of Economy Rent a Car must be there.

Our office is located less than 5 minutes away from Los Ángeles International Airport (LAX), on 5280 West Century Boulevard.


How do I go to the office?

Despite being quite close to the airport (less than 2 miles away), walking that distance with your bags on you could be quite exhausting. That´s why we offer you a shuttle service from the airport to our office. To take this transport you must go outside of the arrival area (on the inferior level) and find the blue sign that says “LAX Shuttle Airline Connections”, and take the “Greenline Shuttle” to the Car Rental Deposit. Once there, go to first spot and there the Allied Shuttle will be waiting for you. In case you need further assistance you can call us at 866-700-7368 or at 877-326-7368.


What vehicle can i choose on this location?

No matter what you need, either a compact vehicle to travel on your own, a SUV to ride with your whole family or a convertible to feel the sun, at Economy Rent a Car we offer a wide fleet for all your needs. At this link you can watch the vehicles we have available in Los Ángeles: https://www.economyrentacar.com/vehicles/los-angeles-car-rental

Business Hours:

Monday to Friday: 07:00 – 23:00

Saturday and Sunday: 08:00 – 23:00

Remember that your best option is always Economy Rent a Car, both in quality and good prices. To reserve your vehicle you can do it through our website (www.economyrentacar.com) or calling any of our numbers: https://www.economyrentacar.com/contact-us


5 of the best road trips to take this summer

Summer is here! What are you waiting to pack up and embark on a road trip? Take a look at this recommendations and hit the road:

1. Amalfi Coast – Italy

Drive around beautiful towns and villages, all with a unique culture filled with historic churches and quaint old houses.

Approximate length: 70 Km

Count on us when traveling around the south of Italy! Get to know our office in Naples

2. Great Ocean Road – Australia

The Great Ocean Road is one of the most beautiful road trips in Australia and around the world. You’ll drive around wildlife and surfers land.

Check out our tips for driving the Great Ocean Road

Approximate length: 243 Km

3. Ring Road – Iceland

You’ll get the chance to drive through surreal landscapes full of geysers, lava fields, glaciers and dreamy waterfalls. 

Approximate length: 1.200 Km

Check out our tips for taking a road trip in Iceland.

4. Pacific Coast Highway – California

The Pacific Coast Highway is well known as one of the most scenic drives in the world. You’ll see stunning coastal views, seaside villages, and untouched forest.

Approximate length: 1.000 Km 

Looking for a vehicle to drive around California We have the one for you

5. Hana Highway – Hawaii

Discover landascapes of extreme nature suchs as tropical forests, waterfalls and volcanoes. 

Approximate length: 105 Km

Ready to drive through Hawaii? Book a car with us now!  

What other road trips do you recommend for summer? Tell us in the comments section below!

5 Great National Parks in Canada

Are you a nature lover? In Canada there are some amazing National Parks that can not be missed! Each of our picks possesses an history as colorful and diverse as the environment itself.

1. Yoho National Park, British Columbia

Just two hours from the bustling city of Calgary, Yoho National Park is an amazing getaway spot for nature lovers. Emerald Lake looks unreal thanks to its bright, vibrant colors, and Lake O’Hara is just as picturesque.

2. Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba

With its jagged mountains, lakes and deep canyons, Nahanni National Park Reserve is a paradise for climbers and backcountry hikers up for a challenge.

Count on us in Manitoba! We’re located right in Thompson International Airport.

3. Jasper National Park, Alberta

In the heart of the Alberta Rocky Mountains is Jasper National Park, an incredible and large park that offers everything from hiking mountains to stunning glaciers.

Need to rent a car for your trip in Alberta? Get to know our office at Calgary International Airport.

4. Regional Park of Seven Falls, Quebec

This is a classical spot for nature lovers who are visiting the Quebec province. Parc régional des Sept-Chutes offers you hiking routes with different difficulty levels. This is a great destination if you’re passionate about landscapes and nature photography.

Need to rent a car to drive around Quebec? We have offices in Montreal!

5. Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Nova Scotia

This Park is one of Canada’s most enchanting places, where the mountains meet the sea. The park’s special blend of ocean, mountain and forest ecosystems, and a rich and lively cultural history, make it one Canadian park not to be missed.

Which Canadian national parks are on your must-visit list? Comment below.

Lugares que tenés que visitar en la Riviera Maya en México

¿Visitarás la Riviera Maya en tu viaje a México? Te damos recomendaciones para disfrutar lo mejor de la historia, la cultural, la naturaleza, y los deportes de esta zona costera ubicada en el Caribe Mexicano.

La Riviera Maya es una zona principalmente turística, ubicada en el estado Mexicano de Quintana Roo en la Península de Yucatán. Esta zona está llena de historia, fauna y flora exuberantes y unos escenarios tropicales magníficos.

1. Cancún


Esta es la ciudad más grande y turística de la Riviera Maya. Compuesta por grandes hoteles, playas de agua celeste, comercio, restaurantes y vida nocturna.

¿Necesitás alquilar un vehículo en Cancún? Tenemos oficina en el Aeropuerto Internacional de Cancún. Reservá aquí.

2. Playa del Carmen  

jetty-1807471_1920 (1).jpg

Playa del Carmen es más pequeña y menos turística que Cancún por lo que se está convirtiendo en un destino popular entre quienes quieren escapar de las aglomeraciones y tener una experiencia distinta del “todo incluido”.  

Tenemos una amplia flotilla en nuestra oficina en Playa del Carmen. Reservá aquí.

3. Sitios Arqueológicos de Tulum


Tulum tiene varios sitios arqueológicos llenos de historia maya. El que no podés dejar de visitar es “El Castillo”, en este sitio tendrás una vista de la costa caribe como ninguna otra. En el Cobá podrás visitar el edificio Maya más grande del mundo.

4. Isla de Cozumel


No podés ir a la Riviera Maya sin visitar esta mítica Isla. El viaje es de solo una hora en ferry desde Cancún. En esta isla podrás disfrutar de playas cristalinas y plazas arqueológicas.

5. Puerto Morelos


Puerto Morelos es el lugar ideal para relajarte y descansar a las orillas de las aguas cristalinas del Caribe. En este pequeño pueblo de pescadores podrás estar más cerca de la flora y fauna exuberante de la Riviera Maya.