The definitive plan to save money for your dream trip

It doesn’t matter if you want weekend trip or travel for weeks or even months … we’ll show you an effective plan to save money for that trip you’ve been craving so much.

To get started:

Track your spending

Try to track of how much money you spend weekly or monthly. You can use an excel file or mobile apps like Dollar Bird to keep the record. You’ll realize how much you spend on things that aren’t that necessary.

Make a budget

You could define an amount for your monthly expenses and divided it into general items such as: food, nights out, trips, clothing, transportation, among others.

Set realistic goals

Ideally, this budget should be less than what you normally spend. Saving 10 or 15% of your monthly income is a good goal.

Tips to save money

So, you already established a budget and savings goals … Now you may be asking yourself: “how do I make it work?” We present the tips for you to achieve your saving goals:

1. Cook more


Avoid going out to dinner or ordering express food. Isn’t it fun and healthy to cook with your partner and/or  friends?

2. Cancel unnecessary subscriptions


You don’t need to be subscribed to media or streaming services that you barely use.

3. Buy less clothes


Do you need that quantity of shoes or so many scarfs? Maybe you don’t get to use them that often or at all.

4. Walk more, use the bicycle or public transportation


No doubt using your car may be more convenient but using other forms of transportation can help you to save money an to stay healthier!

5. Reduce weekend nights out


You can watch movies at home or invite your friends and family to visit you instead of going out and spend money.

We hope that the trip of your dreams come true with this plan we designed for you. Remember, you can count on our cars. Book here.

8 travel safety tips you should know

f you’re about to prepare a trip abroad you must take several precautions before and during your trip. But don’t panic! Those precautions are to ensure that everything will go well with your travel plans.

We prepare 10 safety tips to keep you in mind on your next trip:

Before travelling

1. Check the safety of your destination

The website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country can have a list of the places they recommend traveling with caution or not visiting at all. Check this info before making a decision.

2. Prepare supporting documents

We already tell you the essential items you shouldn’t forget in your suitcase. Among them are printed documents with itinerary confirmations, as well as copies of your passport. These backup documents can also be kept in your email.

3. Inform your family or trusted people about your trip

Email your family or friends about your general travel itinerary.

4. Meet the most common scams


Regardless of where you travel, there may be people who want to cheat in different ways. The best thing is to find out the possible scams that occur in your destination, but the most common scams in general are:

-Broken Taxi Meter

-Free handicrafts or “gifts” that then charge you.

-Fake police officers that steal your personal documentation and money.

During the trip

5. Keep your belongings safe

Monitor your luggage very well, especially crowded or busy places such as train stations. Avoid carrying many pieces of luggage or suitcases that give the impression that you are carrying things of value.

6. Ask locals for advice

Most of local people in many the places are friendly and can tell you which areas or neighborhoods are safe and which ones to avoid or walk with caution.

7. Keep emergency cash


We know that you’ll be very cautious, but if you lose your purse with money and bank cards, it is best to keep emergency cash in some “secret place”. You can keep it in your clothes in a secret pocket or in an unexpected place like the case of your glasses.

8. Use reliable services

Services of lodging, tours, shuttle, or car rental do it with companies with endorsement that offer you security. In Economy we have more than 30 years of experience providing the service of vehicle rental nationwide and in more than 30 countries. You can rent here.


Remember that doesn´t matter the destination you are going, Economy Rent a Car offers the safest vehicles so you can have a worry-free travel.


Ecotourism: 5 trip options for being a responsible traveler

Even more travelers are seeking for destinations committed to positive social and environmental impact. Are you one of them? If so, ecotouristic options should be on your next trip.

What exactly is Ecotourism?

According to The International Ecotourism Society, Ecotourism is defined as “responsible travel to natural areas that preserve the environment, sustain the well-being of the local people, and involve interpretation and education”.

A destination could be called an ecotouristic option if they allow you to visit natural areas while controlling energy, water, and landfill waste during your stay.

Explore ecotourism around the world

The following destinations not only allow you to see some extreme and beautiful natural wonders, they also ensure you do it in a responsible way.

1. Monteverde Country Lodge in Costa Rica

Located in the cloud forest, Monteverde Country Lodge is 100% committed to the environment, its proper use and conservation. They’re taking part in a national initiative sponsored by the Government of Costa Rica to become a Carbon Neutral country in 2021.

Monteverde is the best place in Costa Rica to practice canopy and enjoy the beautiful route of the hanging bridges through the cloud forest.

Do you need a car to travel to Monteverde? Rent it with us!

2. Tongariro National Park Villages in New Zealand

The Village is located near the base of Mt Ruapehu, inside the Tongariro National Park which is a dual UNESCO World Heritage Area. The Village offers accommodation, bars and restaurants, transport, guided walks, guided bike rides, guided kayak trips and so on.

Tongariro desert is a destination of adventure and contrasts: from active volcanoes to lush forests and snowy peaks.

We have 4 different locations in New Zealand. Check them out.

3. Banff Aspen Lodge in Canada

Specifically located near Banff Alberta, Banff Aspen Lodge incorporates low-flow toilets, motion sensor lighting in the hallways, and biodegradable amenity containers.

Banff is a resort town in the province of Alberta, located within Banff National Park. This park is a fascinating place with beautiful lakes, mountains, forest areas, glaciers, and icefields.

Canada is a great country to tour by car. Quote a car with us.

4. Camp Cabarita Eco Resort in Jamaica

¿Would you like to practice yoga next to a river surrounded by tropical flora? Camp Cabarita, with over 400 feet of frontage on the Cabarita River, offers you the opportunity to do so. Camp Cabarita makes emphasis in minimalist comfort and sustainable, practical luxury.

Jamaica is best known for its paradisiacal beaches, but it is much more than that.  You can hike Blue Mountains or explore the large biodiversity in Cockpit Country.

Craving to visit Jamaica? We provide you with the car.

5. Arctic SnowHotel in Finland

Constructed entirely by snow and ice, Arctic SnowHotel consists of ice suites, ice bars, igloo bedrooms and a sauna. Besides staying in a hotel build completely from environment-friendly materials you will have the chance to admire the impressive northern lights.

Finland is a country with strong and successful environmental policies, that’s why pretty much all the tourism is eco-friendly. In summer you can do some hiking or get on a bike to explore the countryside. During winter, skiing and snowboarding are the most popular activities.

We have a location right at Helsinki International Airport. Book a car now!

What do you think about ecotourism? Tell us 🙂

8 apps that will make your trip easier!

Do you remember those times when we had to take a huge map to find the place where we want to go? Us neither! Technology makes it easy to access a lot of information that facilitates all activities of daily life, including travel!

This is why we share this useful list of mobile apps (available for Android and iOS) that will undoubtedly be very helpful to plan and enjoy your next trips.

1. Hopper: an app to get the best prices on flights and stay.


This application allows you not only to book your flight and stay, but also tells you when it is the best time to do it. Only with entering the departure date, the application predicts when is the best time to make your reservation.

2. Google Trips: an app that helps you plan your trips in an easier way.


Google Trips can organize the itinerary of our new experience, this application is also synchronized with Gmail. This means that it detects the tickets you have purchased, the departure time and the flight number (this if the confirmation email was sent to a Google account).

But this is not all, it also allows you to download the information of the city you are going to visit and gives you recommendations of places you can visit, eat, among other activities. Once the information is downloaded, you do not need an internet connection to have access to the information.

This application also offers you the option to organize an automated itinerary, in case you do not have time to plan yours.

3. Pack Point: an app that helps you organize what you need to include in your luggage and suitcases.


Making the suitcase can be a bit overwhelming. Sometimes we are not sure what to wear and what the weather is like, among others. Pack Point offers you the solution, since its function is to examine the dates and the destination to give you suggestions of the things you must take, as well as the weather for the dates you are going to be at your destiny.

This is not all, you can include a list of activities you want to do (adventure, exercise, or visit natural or historical places) and Pack Point tells you what things you must take so you do not forget anything.

4. Wifi Map: an app that gives you the public Wi-fi passwords.


Not only shows you on a map the closest Wi-Fi connections, it shows you the password so you can connect without a problem. This application is fed by the same users who share the information of their networks so that tourists can have a better experience in their visit.

5. Economy Rent a Car: an app that offers you a great variety of vehicles for all types of adventure.

maxresdefault copia-07.jpg

With the Economy Rent a Car application you can book your vehicle following 4 easy steps, in more than 100 locations around the world. 

6. XE Currency: an app that helps you calculate live currency and foreign exchange rates.


If there is something of vital importance in a trip it is the exchange of the currency. On this depends the planning of your finances for the trip. This application gives you the exchange rate of most currencies around the world so you can be aware of the price of everything.

7. Google Translate: an app that has a multilingual automatic translation system, to translate text, voice, images or video in real time from one language to another.


It has more than 103 languages ​​to translate, both written and oral. It gives you the option to reproduce in audio what you want to translate, to make it easier to communicate.

8. GeoSure: an app that is designed to assist travelers by providing quantifiable, personalized travel security content.


With this application you can know which places are recommended to mobilize and which are not, information that is very useful to keep you safe during your trip.

Remember that no matter where you go, you can always count with Economy Rent a Car for every type of trip you have in mind.


10 tips to take care of your health on your next trip

Traveling requires a lot of planning for all to go the best way possible. However there´s always a subject that we don´t usually pay too much attention: our health.

That´s why we share with you these 10 tips to take care your health during your trip:

¡Before the expected journey!

1. Investigate about your destination.


This is the first step to know what considerations and type of clothing you need to wear. For example knowing if you can drink water from the pipe or not, food considerations, where`s the nearest hospital from the place you are staying.

2. Get a doctor’s appointment.

doctors appointment mental health

You can evaluate your physical state (in case there´s some physical activity on your destination), besides you can learn what precautions you must have on your destination.

3. Buying travel insurance.


A travel insurance can save you from a big spending in case you have to visit a hospital or even when the airline lost your luggage.

4. Pack according to your destination.


Not just as clothes matters, but buying pills and medicines (against muscular pains, flues, nausea, any illness that may affect you during your trip).

5. Check if the place you are going requires a special vaccine to visit.


Every countries embassy`s has this kind of information. With a short visit or phone call they can confirm this or any other question you may have.

¡During your trip!

6. Don´t exceed with alcoholic beverages and food.


You are in a new place, where you nearly don´t know anybody, don´t put yourself in a vulnerable situation like this.

7. Use always insects repellent. 

repelente insectos

Avoid nasty burns (especially in sunny destinations), sickness or allergic reactions transmitted by mosquito bites.

8. Keep in mind your medical history for the activities you will be doing. 


For example if you have a delicate stomach don´t try very exotic or spice food.

9. Keep yourself hydrated.


Not only to avoid dehydration, but to boost your energy and keep your defenses strong.

10. Stay alert on the signals your body is giving you.

painStrange pains, dizziness and generally irregular sensations can be a clue that something is not entirely right with you.


Once you get home and the days after, put attention to any strange felling you may have. Sometimes some sickness and reactions take a couple of days to manifest.

Remember that doesn´t matter the destination you are going, Economy Rent a Car offers the safest vehicles so you can have a worry-free travel.






7 tips to travel outside your country

We all love to travel: feel the adrenaline, live new experiences, creating new memories with our love ones. That’s why we share with you this 7 tips you keep in mind for your experience to be the best as possible, no matter the destination you are going.

1. Be careful to what WIFI you are connecting

We all need Internet in our travels (how else are we going to upload those awesome pictures to Instagram or Facebook?).But is super important when you connect to a open network to never reveal your credit card information, passwords or anything like that. Try to use only secure networks as the one of the hotel you are staying or rent a wifi spot device during your stay.

When you rent your vehicle with Economy Rent a Car, don´t forget to ask for our Wifi Spots, so yiou can have a secure conection anywhere you go.

2. Know something of the local “slang”

It´s always a great idea to know a few words and phrases  in the language of the country you are visiting. From a simple “hello” to know how to ask for an address. Learn the basics can help you avoid awkward situations. Besides, locals will appreciate your effort in knowing their culture.


3. Bring basic stuff in your hand bag

You will never know what will happen with your luggage once the plane takes off. That’s why is super important to bring in your carry on a change of clothes, medicines and electrical charges. If your luggage got lost or gets late, whatever you bring in your carry on will be your salvation.


4. Keep yourself hydrated

Water is essential for our bodies. Keep yourself hydrated during your trip, it will help you avoid headaches, overtake jetlag, have a better digestion and even have a better mood. Remember to have always a bottle of water with you during your trip.


5. Bring few cash on your trip

Never bring all you money in cash. Every time you went out try to bring only what you are going to need and any of your credit cards in case of emergency. Also remember that is very important for your to report your credit cards before you leave of your country, to avoid having problems when you use it.


6. Don’t left anything in your vehicle

If you are renting a vehicle, don’t left any of your belongings inside the vehicle and in plain sight. This can put your vehicle in danger of people looking objects of value to steal.


7. Bring an universal charger adapter

In every trip you are make, you can´t forget to bring any charger and adapter that allows you to charge all your electronic devices. And by any chance you forget it, get one in the airport.


Now, enjoy your trip. Get ready to change your routine, losing your fear and experience new adventures.

10 Tips to travel alone

Traveling alone can be a complete challenge, but as everything challenging this can come with a reward, the enjoyment of extreme freedom.

The idea to travel alone can be a little bit scary but don’t worry because we give you some tips that will help you to get an unforgettable experience.

1. Always carry your identification with you.


2. Reserve your stay before your arrival and investigate the area that you will visit.


3. Be aware, but walk relaxed and with confidence this way you will enjoy the trip.


4. Avoid taking all your belongings with you wherever you go.


5. Try to be in touch with family or friends.


6. Be open to meet new people, but do not trust anyone at first instance.


7. Rent a vehicle at your destination, so you will not have to tie yourself to public transport schedules or tours, you can do everything your own way!


8. Remember to keep your cards and cash in a safe place and not lose sight of them.


9. Don’t forget your selfie stick, it is an excellent tool to document your trip.


10. ¡Enjoy your trip!


We dare you to live this experience with Economy Rent a Car, your trusted travel partner.


How to modify my reservation on Economy Rent a Car’s website?

Making a reservation at our website it´s pretty simple, you only have to follow a simple series of 4 steps:

  1. Choose your destiny, time and date of your reservation.
  2. Choose the vehicle of your preference
  3. Pick the waivers and additional services that you would like to add to the reservation
  4. Add your personal information and confirm your reservation

But, what if I need to make a change to the reservation i just made? Don´t worry, since making a modification it´s even easier. You just need:

  • Email Address that you use to make the reservation (where you receive the confirmation of your reservation).
  • Reservation number (it´s on the confirmation page on the website once you finished the reservation process and also on the email you received with your confirmation).

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With this information, just click on “Click here to modify or cancel a reservation”. It will load a page that will look like this:

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Once you enter the correct information, you must click on “Modify”, then “Confirm” and it will show a page like this:

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From now on you only need to follow the previous 4 steps of our reservation process that we explain early and that´s it, you will successfully modify your reservation.


Remember that you can only modify reservations made through our website directly. If you need to modify any other reservation through other websites you can call us at (786) 975-2222




Layover in Fort Lauderdale?

Sometimes Fort Lauderdale becomes a city of scale to other destinations. The scales are sometimes only a few hours, however there are occasions that extend for a day or even more. A lost day? Not at all! There is a lot to do and get to know in Fort Lauderdale in just one day.

You can walk and enjoy the breeze. The pier opens at 6:00 a.m. It has a cost of $1 for visitors and $4 if you want to do fishing. In this link you can see more information about this destination.

A couple of hours after being on the pier, you can head south and make a stop at the iconic statue of the Barefoot Postman. Continue south until you reach Inlet Park and Marina in Pompano Beach to have a beautiful view of the Hillsboro Lighthouse.

barefoot mailman
Barefoot Postman Statue
hillboro lighthouse
Hillsboro Lighthouse, built in 1902.

Pompano Beach North Ocean Park

Water sports lover? Mid-morning you can surf, kiteboard and much more in Pompano Beach. The beach is public and is open from 9:00 a.m. at 4:45 p.m.

Kiteboarding is a popular water sport among those who visit Pompano Beach.

After relaxing for a while on the beach you can go to Anglin’s Square for lunch and overlooking the ocean before our next stop.

Bonnet House Museum and Gardens

If you enjoy contemplating the beauty of flowers (especially orchids) and art, this place offers you from a museum, a beautiful garden and a world-class orchid greenhouse. You can have more information about this place in this link.

Last stop: Hollywood Beach Broadwalk

At the end of the day we can take a walk along the paved 2.5-mile brick road that runs from North Beach to Jefferson Street. After making a few purchases and ending by having dinner at one of the many available options and enjoy some of the outdoor concerts that take place almost daily in this place.

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We recommend you to rent a vehicle from Economy Rent a Car as soon as you get off the plane and do this route with greater comfort. You can book it directly on our website or by calling +1 (754) 312-2938.

Tolls in Fort Lauderdale? We have an option for you!

From the many additional services we offer you at our location in Fort Lauderdale we have one that will make your trip a whole lot easier: the Toll Transponder.

In great cities, such as Fort Lauderdale and some places with a lot of touristic visitation, you can see toll booths, which work as a way to finance public infrastructure or maintenance to those same highways.

The amount you pay on those tolls can be paid on cash or in many cases is charged automatically through a device associated to a banking account.

There´s two tipes of tolls: manual or automatic. The manual one`s are the toll booths, with a person that will charge you the established amount in cash.

tipos de toll-02
Booth #2 it´s the typical manual toll (cash only). Lane #3 is one electronic payment options by a exclusive lane. The charge on this option is made through the detection of a device linked to your banking account.

Within the electronic tolls, there´s two types:

  • Exclusive charge lane in traditional booths: These are the tolls that traditionally have exclusive lanes that charge the amount through a device that is linked to a banking account.
  • Electronic Tolling: This option consists in making the charge without the need to stop the vehicle. The toll detects the signal of the linked device, or in case that you don´t have one; will send the charged to the home of owner of the vehicle, via plate recognition.


tipos de toll-01
“Electronic tolling” consists on devices in the middle of the highway that detects approaching vehicles. They store the time the vehicle passes as they detect the payment device associated to your account on the car, all this without the need to stop the vehicle.

In this video you can understand how the Electronic Toll works:

What do we offer on Economy Rent a Car?

To avoid looking for change to pay the manual tolls and avoid having a ticket for not having the corresponding payment device, we offer you “Toll Transponder”.

This service works with both type of tolls and you can add it to your reservation for only $9.95 per day with all the tolls included, and you simply will have to focus on enjoying the city instead of looking for coins.