Glamping: 3 options in Costa Rica to go camping with style

Can you imagine being in contact with nature without losing any comfort and modern luxuries? With Glamping you can do that!

What is it all about? Well, Glamping is a concept that comes from the mixture of two words: glamorous and camping. It means something like “camping glamorously”. We are going to tell you more about it here…

It is much more than a nice tent

The glamping allows you to travel and have unique experiences, so you can be in direct contact with stunning natural settings and local culture, at the same time to experience luxury and comfort. With the glamping you can have access to some services which in a regular camping you couldn’t, such as room service, bathrooms and excellent Wi-Fi connection for all your devices.

Places to go glamping in Costa Rica

If you like the idea of go glamping, we introduce you 3 places in Costa Rica where you can live this unique experience:

1. Faith Glamping Dome

Located in the Caribbean area of Costa Rica, Faith Glamping Dome applies the technology of Geodesic Domes, which are the same domes the NASA use in its experiment to bring life to Mars. So you aren’t only camping in comfort, but also you are doing it involved in an innovative methodology.

2. Isla Chiquita Glamping

Isla Chiquita, located in Golfo de Nicoya, promises your experience will be like camping but with the luxuries of a beach resort. In Isla Chiquita you can also take several tours such as kayaking, artisanal fishing, or bioluminescence sightings.

3. La Leona Eco Lodge

Between the rainforest and the sound of the Pacific ocean, you will find La Leona Eco Lodge. This glamping is located next to Corcovado National Park,  it offers you adventure and direct contact with the local flora and fauna, without quitting the comforts of a hotel.

What do you think about glamping? Have you ever experienced something similar? Tell us about it!

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10 interesting facts about Costa Rica that you didn’t know

Costa Rica is a tropical Paradise acclaimed by many tourists’ thanks to its great natural biodiversity and its traditional “Pura vida” expression that perfectly describes their people, their culture and their landscapes. Here you can read 10 interesting facts about Costa Rica that you probably didn’t know.

1. Did you know that Costa Rica National Theatre ceiling is one of the most beautiful of the world? This painting is internationally known and it’s called “The happiness of coffee and bananas”.

teatro nacional raso
This design was also used for one of the countries most famous bills.

2. Costa Rica has only 51.100km2. However it contains nearly 6 percent of the world’s biodiversity. Over a quarter of its territory is protected under the National Parks System.


3. Costa Rica has a very mysterious secret: huge stone spheres that are almost 1600 years old, made by their ancestors. This spheres were declared World Heritage by UNESCO, this honor was also gift to other places in Costa Rica: La Amistad National Park, Coco Island National Park and Guanacaste Conservation Area.

esferas piedra CR

4. Ticos (as the referred to themselves in Costa Rica) don’t  have an army since 1948 and it was the first country to abolish it. There are only 25 countries in the world without military defense.

On December 1st of 1948, Jose Figueres Ferrer, President at the moment, hit Cuartel Bellavista with a hammer, a famous gesture that indicates the end of Costa Rica’s army.

5. Has over 200 volcanic formations and over 100 of them are active volcanoes. Arenal, Poás and Irazú are the most popular among tourists.

6. It’s the birthplace of Canopy. It’s true that the system was already being used, but Costa Rica was the first country that used it for touristic purposes.

Costa Rica’s forests are the perfect scenario for the creation of this sport.

7. Has over 1282 kilometers of beach shores. Sun and waves lovers have a lot of options available in both Pacific and Atlantic Ocean. Yes, Costa Rica is surrounded by both oceans.

manuel antonio
Manuel Antonio beach is one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world.

8. Costa Rica’s capital (San José), was the third city with artificial lighting, after New York and Paris.

san josé costa rica
San José is the most populated city in the country.

9. Is not only one the happiest countries in the world, but also one of the countries with the longest life expectancy.

Nicoya’s Peninsula is considered one of the 5 “Blue Zones” in the world. That means, places with a larger concentration of people over 90 o 100 years old.

10. Coffee is the favorite beverage of the “ticos” and it’s the main exportation product. It was introduced from Jamaica in 1779.

In many occasions Costa Rican coffee has been called “the best in the world”.

There’s a lot of interesting facts about this beautiful country that you need to know. We want you to know Costa Rica and discover it yourself. Remember that the best way to do it is with a vehicle from Economy Rent a Car.


10 Tips to travel alone

Traveling alone can be a complete challenge, but as everything challenging this can come with a reward, the enjoyment of extreme freedom.

The idea to travel alone can be a little bit scary but don’t worry because we give you some tips that will help you to get an unforgettable experience.

1. Always carry your identification with you.


2. Reserve your stay before your arrival and investigate the area that you will visit.


3. Be aware, but walk relaxed and with confidence this way you will enjoy the trip.


4. Avoid taking all your belongings with you wherever you go.


5. Try to be in touch with family or friends.


6. Be open to meet new people, but do not trust anyone at first instance.


7. Rent a vehicle at your destination, so you will not have to tie yourself to public transport schedules or tours, you can do everything your own way!


8. Remember to keep your cards and cash in a safe place and not lose sight of them.


9. Don’t forget your selfie stick, it is an excellent tool to document your trip.


10. ¡Enjoy your trip!


We dare you to live this experience with Economy Rent a Car, your trusted travel partner.