The 3 best fall travel destinations

Fall is the best time of the year to visit cozy places with its sweater weather. What do you think about making the most of the fall this year? Pack your backs because we present you our picks of 3 very different places for you to visit:

1. Montreal, Canada

Montreal is a city you can visit all year round but without a doubt the fall is the ideal time of the year to do it. You will have the perfect atmosphere to explore its amazing architecture and the cultural and gastronomic options every neighborhood has to offer. Check out our guide to visit Montreal. Do you need to rent a car in Montreal? Call us at (786) 975-2222 or visit us.

2. Las Vegas, Estados Unidos.

Visiting Las Vegas won’t allow you to see the traditional scenarios of the season but you’ll find an ideal weather to do a lot of outdoor activities. You can also find better deals and less crowded places. Have you already made your mind and want to visit Las Vegas this fall? You can go with one of our cars, reserve by calling us at (786) 975-2222.

3. Málaga, España

If you really want to admire the traditional colors of fall, then you have to visit Malaga. The shedding of leaves from trees and sunsets are more orange. You can walk through the historic center in the autumnal light and admire centuries-old buildings. We have two offices in Malaga with a varied fleet for your trip. Book here.

We hope you take advantage of this fall and go exploring some of the destinations that we recommend you. What other destinations do you recommend to visit in the fall? Tell us!

Remember that no matter where you decide to travel, you can count on us. Meet our fleet here.

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