The guide to visit the Salar de Uyuni

The Salar of Uyuni is the largest salt desert located at the highest altitude in the world. If you visited, you’ll get the chance to see the most surreal and extreme scenarios of South America. Do you want to visit it? We prepare a guide for you.

How to get to the Salar

The Salar de Uyuni (aka the Bolivian Salt Flats) is located in the southwest of Bolivia, in the province of Daniel Campos, in the department of Potosí. If you go from La Paz, the capital of Bolivia, you can arrive by three routes:

  • Getting by bus it lasts 12 hours of travel.
  • Getting by car it lasts about 7 hours of driving. You can rent a vehicle with us, know our office and our fleet in La Paz. You must rent a 4×4 car to visit the Salar.
  • Getting by plane it lasts about 45 minutes.



When to visit

The Salar is open to the public all year round but the best time to visit it’s between December and March when is rainy season and the salt becomes a large mirror of water. You can visit it in the dry season as well that goes from April to October and take advantages such as being able to take bike rides. In both season you’ll have spectacular scenarios.



Where to stay

You can find cheap lodgings in the center of the town of Uyuni, in Plaza Arce between Colón and Ferroviaria avenues you will find the cheapest accommodation.

How to visit the salar

To visit the Salar you must enter by through the Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna Reserve, if you do it by your own means you must not forget that you are in a desert with extreme temperatures and surprising distances in which you can get lost. Be careful!

A simple way to know the Salar is through a paid tour that will include transportation and a guide. There are several companies that will offer tours to visit the Salar. You will choose based on your budget and the time you have, but in general they will offer you these modalities: one, two and three-day tour.

What you will see

  • In addition to visiting the impressive Salar de Uyuni, you will be able experience the following
  • Uyuni’s past in the train graveyard.
  • A hotel made entirely of blocks of salt.
  • Altiplanic lagoons that are flamingos’ home.
  • A field of bubbling geysers.
  • Deserts to the classic western style.
  • Hot Springs.




Ready to visit a destination with unique landscapes? Remember that you can count on us in Bolivia.

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