3 hiking trails in Canada you don’t want to miss

We all know how scenic and beautiful is Canada. If you love nature and hiking and want to visit this huge country, you may ask yourself: where do I start? We select 3 beautiful hiking trails you don’t want to miss in your trip to Canada. 

1. Oak Hammock Marsh in Winnipeg

This 30 km length trail is located on the Oak Hammock Marsh Wildlife Management Area, a non-profit organization. With nearly 300 species of birds, your hike will be sourrend by wildlife. You can also learn about the local flora and fauna in the Oak Hammock Marsh Interpretive Centre.

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2. Johnston Canyon in Calgary

Located in Banff National Park, Johnston Canyon allows you to experience waterfalls and lush forest during your hike. On the way you could enjoy the sound of running water, the canyon walls, the mountain springs and the wildlife of the place. You can find accommodation in Banff National Park so it’s a great opportunity to visit it with family and your travel partner.

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3. Regional Park of Seven Falls in Montreal

This is a classical for nature lovers who are visiting Quebec province. Parc régional des Sept-Chutes offers you hiking routes with different difficulty levels. This is a great destination if you’re passionate about landscape and nature photography.

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What other hiking trails do you recommend to do in Canada? Tell us 😀

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