The best hot springs and geothermal pools in Iceland

Iceland, as its name implies, is the land of ice. But it is also the land of water, of hot water! We recommend you 5 places to enjoy a nice bath in warm water.

The geothermal activity spreads hot springs and geysers through the hole country. Of course not the all hot water is boiling water! Some sources of hot water have the perfect temperature for a relaxing and perfect bath. These are our recommendations for you:

1. Reykjadalur


Reykjadalur is only 25 minutes away from Reykjavik. This is a river of hot water that you can’t miss out.

2. The Blue Lagoon of Bláa Lónið


These pools are also very close to Reykjavík. The water of the Blue Lagoon is rich in silica and sulfur, beneficial minerals for certain skin conditions.

3. Nautholsvik beach

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This hot water beach is formed because a stream of thermal water flows into the sea.Visit this beach in Reykjavik to live a surreal experience.

4. Lagoon of Viti


This lagoon is natural hot spring The soil is muddy, so you must be very careful when bathing in its waters.

5. Cave of Grjótagjá


This cave is located in the north of Iceland. The bath in the waters of the cave is restricted at certain times of the year because the temperature increases a lot. If you can’t bathe, at least you can admire its beauty.

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