5 tips to stay healthy when you travel for work

Frenetic schedules, eating out constantly, little exercise, spending time away from family … those are some of the consequences you may face if you travel constantly for work. We present you 5 tips to take care of your health when you’re traveling for work:

1. Control what you eat


Of course, you may not have the opportunity to cook while traveling for work but avoid junk food and and when eating out make sure your meals are balanced. You can use Google Maps as well to search for recommendations of places near your location based on the criteria of your diet.

2. Bring healthy snacks!


If you’re hungry between meetings you may feel tempted to buy caloric food or not eat at all so carry your own healthy snacks. You can take fruits like apples and bananas, bars and dried seeds.

3. Exercise


Exercise specially if you spend an important amount of time in cars and meetings. Some hotels have a gym, pool or exercise area, there are also gyms where you can pay to use it just one day. You can also walk around the city you’re staying, remember our security tips if you’re traveling to a foreign country. Another option is to do series of push-ups, squats and sit-ups in your room.

4. Maintain your relationships


Take at least one moment a day to talk with your significant others who can be your family or partner. Tell them how you you’re  day was and ask them about theirs. In this way you’ll cultivate your relationships with communication.

5. Get better sleep


Sleep enough to be more productive and try to travel during the day, remember our tips to dealing with jet lag while during a long distance trip. And if you have no other option but to drive at night, you can also see our tips for a safe night trip.

What do you think about these tips? What other would you add to the list?

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