How to improve the pictures on my travel? 7 tips to make the best memories

Everytime we returned from any trip we would like our memories from it never to go away, and pictures are an excellent way to preserve this memories.

Taking great pictures is a great way to assure this memories, that´s why we would like to share with you this 7 tips so you can take better photos during your trip:


1. Get to know your camara and it´s capacities

Either is your cell phone or a photo camara, its important to know all the characteristics and funtions that your device have. A couple days before run some tests, go outside and take a few pictures. That way you can see what your camara can achieve.


2. Clean your camera lenses

Specially with cell phone camera lenses (since they are more exposed). A dirty lense by dust or fingerprints can ruin a great picture.

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3. Make a list with the pictures you want to do

The best way to achieve a objetive is to plan it, that`s why the best way to take a great picture is to investigate about the destination you are going and making a list of the pictures you would like to take there.


4. Watch the balance, bright and color

Despite that many cameras (both cell phone and physical) has automatic options that will adjust to the lighting in the room, they also have manual options to play with the color and bright that you desire. This could give your pictures that extra something to turn them in excellent pictures.



5. Use the best resolution possible

Bigger size, bigger quality and resolution.


6. Frame and image composition

The frame is most of the times what make a simple picture into a memorable one. If youare going to take a photo of a person one advise is to have some space where the person is looking. Example:


There`s also a suggestion of fixating the focus on the superior third of the image to add an artistic touch to your photos. Example:


7. Explore and let yourself go


A great advise is to explore the destination you are in. Don´t be afraid to get lost, sometimes the best pictures comes from unexpected places and situations.

So you know, keep in mind this advises and create the best pictures of your travel. One last advise: don´t get focus only on taking pictures, enjoy what you are seeing, this will make your photographs even more special.

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