Low budget destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean

Even though they may not compare to Southeast Asia when we talk about traveling on a budget, Latin America and the Caribbean have a lot of options for the savers.

Check below some low budget destinations that will fill your desire for adventure, without emptying your wallet!


1. Bolivia 

This is a country that has many places to explore: a salt desert, a wild jungle and many impressive mountains. The low cost for eating out is one of the advantages that makes Bolivia stand out: great meals at the cheapest prices ever!

Popular: The Uyuni salt flat is an essential place to visit. La Paz, Santa Cruz and Potosí are cities with a lot to offer in art, culture and gastronomy.

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2. México

The reasons that make Mexico stand out as an essential destination for travelers go beyond its low prices. The people’s kindness, the gastronomy and the incredible history of some of its cities are something that is worth knowing. 

Popular: Visit Teotihuacan pyramids to get to know the prehispanic history of Mexico. San Miguel de Allende and San Cristóbal de las Casas are cities with amazing colonial and colorful buildings that are just a few hours drive away from México City.

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3. Dominican Republic

If you are into beaches, sun, tropical weather and sea wildlife, Dominican Republic is for you. But this island in Antilles archipelago has more to offer than cristal water and beaches. Its Capital Santo Domingo has a colonial area which was built in the 1500s.

Popular:  Visit Punta Cana to experience its crystal-clear and white sand beach. Santo Domingo offer you many historical buildings and a great nightlife. And if you like extreme adventures, Pico Duarte gives you the possibility to climb the Antillas highest pick.

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4. Paraguay

Paraguay offers you the opportunity to visit different natural settings in the same country. The subtropical forest and the savanna are some of the different landscapes you could experience.

Popular: Go to Lagunas Saladas de Campo María to see amazing natural landscapes and do some birdwatching. Visit Saltos del Monday, which is a wide waterfall that is more than 40 meters high and it’s located in a natural reserve. Don’t miss the capital of Paraguay, Asuncion, that has many colonial areas and a brand new seafront for you to enjoy.

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What are you waiting for? Don’t let a low budget be an obstacle for traveling!

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