Must see spots in San José City

Headed to Costa Rica but have only one or two days in San José City? We help you to define an itinerary with the places you must see.

San José is a small city, but there are still many parts of this city not to be missed. Architecture, gastronomy, history and much more are waiting for you through these must-see spots in San José City:

1. National Theater

Foto de Raúl Arias.

Builded in 1897, it is located in the center of San José and is the most important theater. We advise you to enter inside and enjoy the details in its design, you also will get to know the history of the oligarchy time in Costa Rica. For visiting the theater inside, you must book a guided your. Here you can book your visit.

2. Plaza de la cultura

Foto de Eric T Gunther.

This square is the most popular and crowded in San José, mainly  because it is right in the center of the capital and next to the National Theater. You can walk around and take photos of the National Theater and the Costa Rica Hotel, an historical building. In the basement of the square is located the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum, one of the main attractions of the city.

3. The Pre-Columbian Gold Museum

Foto de Kenneth Lu.

As we told you, this museum is located in the basement of Plaza de la Cultura. There you can enjoy more than 1500 objects made in gold that belong to the pre-Columbian communities who lived in the current Costa Rican territory. You will learn the importance of those objects in people’s daily lives. All the pieces of the museum date from between 500 and 1500 AD. The entry for foreigners costs $15.

4. National Museum

Foto de Eric T Gunther.

The National Museum is located in the Cuartel Bellavista, an old historic barracks where the president José María Figueres abolished the army. Inside this museum, beside learn about the history of Costa Rica, you can see curious objects like the car the Pope traveled in when he visited Costa Rica or the first printing press in the country. There is also a butterfly garden and an insect exhibition, among other things. The entry for foreigners costs $9.

5: La Sabana Metropolitan Park

Foto de Bogdan Migulski.

This park is the largest public space in San José and the most visited in the country. It is very common to see the Ticos practicing sports, playing ball or just walking around. Visit it is a great opportunity to disconnect from the chaos of the capital. We are located next to La Sabana, after relaxing you can visit Economy and book a car to head to the beaches and mountains. 


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