5 reasons why you should travel alone at least once

You are craving to traveling to that destination you have dreamed so much, but you don’t have anyone to go with! Your friends haven’t any vacation day left, you are single or your partner can’t come with you …. Think no further and set up the trip of your dreams! This is the moment.

1. You will make friends (Yes, and many)


In tours, hotels and nights out … in different spaces and moments you will meet other travelers who for a few days or moments will be your traveling buddies. Trust us, some of them may become great friends of you. Traveling without company is an excellent way to meet new people. Yes, you will make friends, but those friendships with other travelers and local people won’t make themselves. You must be open to meet people very different from you and open up your mind to diversity. Solo traveling will encourage you to do such of things. When you travel with your couple, friends or family you are in a comfort zone, if something unexpected happens you will have someone to lean on. But if you are traveling without company you will have the opportunity, and sometimes the need, to meet new people. 

2. You will know yourself better


There will be moments, perhaps hours or days, where you’ll be with no company. You’ll find your self completely alone with your thoughts while you’re on planes, trains, buses or walking around cities and towns. You’ll discover amazing things about yourself that you never imagined. You won’t be in the places or with the people you left in your home, so it’s an opportunity for you to think about yourself without interference. Do not let it pass!

3. You will improve and discover new capabilities


You may not only improve social skills, but also those related to: speaking other languages, asking for help, having patience, practicing tolerance and the abandonment of prejudices, among many others. How about traveling to a country where you know little of their language? Traveling alone puts you at the limit of your capabilities as you will never do staying in the same place or traveling with company.

4. You will be free


It’s simple: you’ll do what whatever you want. You’ll visit the places you want, you’ll wear the clothes you want, you’ll get up at the time you want…You and only you will mark the rhythm of the trip. Enjoy that freedom! Rent a vehicle at your destination, so you will not have to tie yourself to public transport schedules or tours, you can do everything your own way!

5.  You won’t want to stop ever


Once you lost your fears before buying the ticket and you have experienced that first trip, you will want to do it again and again. The second time you travel without company you’ill do it without the fears and with more skills.

Have you traveled alone before? What advice would you give to people who want to do it but still don’t feel encouraged? Tell us!



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