Renting a vehicle in Fort Lauderdale: What should I know?

Fort Lauderdale is an excellent touristic destination (even if you only have one day to know the city), however, first thing you got to do to enjoy as best as possible this place is to rent a car with Economy Rent a Car. That’s why we want to share with you what you need know when you rent your vehicle.

1. How old I must be to rent a car?


You must be at least 25 years old to rent a vehicle in Fort Lauderdale. Nevertheless, if you have between 21 and 24 years you can still rent a car, just pay and small fee of $14.95 daily and everything is set.


2. How can I pay my reservation?


We accept all major credit cards, also debit cards*. We don´t accept cash transactions.

3. Can anyone else drive my rental vehicle?

Addtional Driver

Yes, but you must pay a fee of $14.95 daily for an additional driver concept.

4. What documents do I need?


Only a valid driver`s license and your passport is required.

5. What if I need to cancel my reservation?


If by any unwanted situation you must cancel your reservation you can do it without any charge, if you do 48 hours prior to your pickup. After that you must pay a $25 fee. If you need to modify your reservation just follow these instructions.

6. Can I use my own insurance?


Yes, just bring your «Declaration Page» (you can ask this document to your insurance company) and you can decline our insurance.

At Fort Lauderdale your best option for transportation is renting a vehicle with Economy Rent a Car. If you need more information you can call our Fort Lauderdale office at +1 754-312-2938.


*Restrictions may apply in debit card payments.




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