5 road trips you should take at least once

Have you ever dreamed of leaving everything and take a trip around the world? Well, maybe you won’t leave everything but at least you can taste a little of adventure taking a road trip for several days or weeks. We’ve prepared a list of 5 road trips, some you can make them in 2 days, other in a week or less. Remember: you can count on our cars to start your carventure!

1. Great Ocean Road, Australia

You’ll drive around wildlife and surfers land.

Approximate length: 243 Km

Approximate duration: 2 days

Recommended car: Compact car or SUV.

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2. Road to Hana, Hawaii

Discover landascapes of extreme nature suchs as tropical forests, waterfalls and volcanos.

Approximate length: 105 Km

Approximate duration: 2 days

Recommended car: Compact car or SUV.

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3. Atacama Desert, Chile

See the magical nature wonder of Atacama Desert while driving around scenic towns and small cities in Chile.  

Approximate length: 1.600 Km

Approximate duration: 7 days

Recommended car: SUV.

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4. Golden Circle, Iceland

You’ll get the chance to drive through surreal landscapes full of geysers, lava fields, glaciers and dreamy waterfalls.

Approximate length: 1.200 Km

Approximate duration: 6 days

Recommended car: SUV.

Check out our tips for taking a road trip in Iceland. 

5. East Coast, USA

A classic route, offering you cultural highlights and natural landscapes

Approximate length: 1.500 Km

Approximate duration: 7 days 

Recommended car: Compact car or SUV.

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