8 travel safety tips you should know

f you’re about to prepare a trip abroad you must take several precautions before and during your trip. But don’t panic! Those precautions are to ensure that everything will go well with your travel plans.

We prepare 10 safety tips to keep you in mind on your next trip:

Before travelling

1. Check the safety of your destination

The website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country can have a list of the places they recommend traveling with caution or not visiting at all. Check this info before making a decision.

2. Prepare supporting documents

We already tell you the essential items you shouldn’t forget in your suitcase. Among them are printed documents with itinerary confirmations, as well as copies of your passport. These backup documents can also be kept in your email.

3. Inform your family or trusted people about your trip

Email your family or friends about your general travel itinerary.

4. Meet the most common scams


Regardless of where you travel, there may be people who want to cheat in different ways. The best thing is to find out the possible scams that occur in your destination, but the most common scams in general are:

-Broken Taxi Meter

-Free handicrafts or «gifts» that then charge you.

-Fake police officers that steal your personal documentation and money.

During the trip

5. Keep your belongings safe

Monitor your luggage very well, especially crowded or busy places such as train stations. Avoid carrying many pieces of luggage or suitcases that give the impression that you are carrying things of value.

6. Ask locals for advice

Most of local people in many the places are friendly and can tell you which areas or neighborhoods are safe and which ones to avoid or walk with caution.

7. Keep emergency cash


We know that you’ll be very cautious, but if you lose your purse with money and bank cards, it is best to keep emergency cash in some «secret place». You can keep it in your clothes in a secret pocket or in an unexpected place like the case of your glasses.

8. Use reliable services

Services of lodging, tours, shuttle, or car rental do it with companies with endorsement that offer you security. In Economy we have more than 30 years of experience providing the service of vehicle rental nationwide and in more than 30 countries. You can rent here.


Remember that doesn´t matter the destination you are going, Economy Rent a Car offers the safest vehicles so you can have a worry-free travel.


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