Best things to do in Guadalajara

Its pleasant weather and great beauty earned to Guadalajara the title of «Perla Tapatía». We present our selection of activities that you have to do in your visit to this great Mexican city.

«La Perla Tapatía», offers you the best of the modern and historical Mexico. We assure you that your days in the second largest city of Mexico will be full of walks through museums, theaters and areas with colonial architecture, the best culinary scenes in the country, and an incredible nightlife.

Review our recommendations for your next trip to this city in the state of Jalisco:

1. Walk around Tlaquepaque


This colorful neighborhood has pedestrian paths where you can walk quietly and admire the traditional architecture of the old neighborhoods of Mexico. In the Plaza Parián market you can buy local crafts.

2. Know the town Tequila


You can’t visit Guadalajara and not get the chance to know the town that gives the name to the most famous spirit drink in Mexico. Tequila is about an hour from the city by car. Do you need to rent a car in Guadalajara? Book with us! Meet our vehicles.

3. Drink Cazuelita


The best way you can drink Tequila is “Cazuelita”. This form of drinking Tequila, which is traditional in the state of Jalisco, mixes citrus flavors to refresh you in a fun way.

4. Visit the Degollado Theater


This building, which  is more than 100 years old, offers concerts and recitals. It’s also the headquarters of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Jalisco.

5. Taste the traditional dish “Carnes en su jugo”


This dish is one of the most important in the cuisine of Jalisco. It consists of a stew of beef with beans and pieces of previously browned bacon; It’s served with onion and cilantro and served in a clay dish.

6. Visit the Cathedral of Guadalajara


The church with neo-Gothic architecture has a history of more than 400 years that you do not want to miss.

What do you think about our picks? What else would you add to the list? Tell us!

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