Tips to travel to Switzerland on a budget

Traveling to Switzerland is not exactly cheap, as it is one of the countries with the most expensive products and services in the European Union. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, we want you to save some money.

1. Try to travel in low season


Spring and fall are the ideal times of the year since they’re the low seasons, so the prices of lodgings and touristic tours may be down.

2. Use the Half-Fare travelcard


This card, that costs 185 francs, allows you to buy half the price of all train tickets, tram, boats, cable car, etc.

3. Rent a car


If you want more flexibility in terms of schedules and routes, and also save money, it’s best for you to rent a car. Meet our fleet in Switzerland, you can also book here.

4. Drink tap water


Water tap in Switzerland is not only potable, but also of the best quality in Europe. Don’t waste money on bottled water!

5. Become a vegetarian (if you’re not)


Meat is very expensive in Switzerland. Choose vegetarian meals, if you need protein you can eat cheese and ham which are cheaper than meat.

We hope these tips help you to save some money and enjoy your trip to Switzerland. This beautiful European country has a lot to offer you: majestic mountains, delicious fondue and chocolate and amazing architecture.



Remember that we have a large fleet for your trip. Book by calling (786) 975-2222.

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