Travel checklist: what to do before traveling abroad

For sure you’re excited about that trip you’ve wanted for long ago. But don’t let that emotion making you commit a basic mistake: forget to get things done that necessaries for your travel. But calm down, we’re going to help you with a travel checklist.

1. Check your passport


It isn’t enough to have it in your backpack or your pocket. Check if it’s in date and remember that some countries require your passport to have 6-12 months left on it before it expires to let you entry.

2. Research the place you will visit


Make a security precautions list based on your destination. Check these recommendations.

3. Obtain your visa (if it’s necessary)


Research whether you need a visa for your chosen destination. Keep in mind that in some cases the application process can last up to 3 months.

4. Book a rental car with Economy

Car ride on road in sunny weather
A rental car gives you freedom and flexibility in your trip. Remember we have more than 100 locations in 34 countries around the bloge. Book now here. rdá que tenemos más de 100 oficinas en 34 países alrededor del mundo. Reservá tu carro aquí.

5. Write your own carry-on luggage list


We already tell you the essential items you shouldn’t forget in your suitcase. You can use a note app on your cell phone to keep in mind those items.

6. Tell your bank


If you are going to use ATMs and / or use your bank cards, you should notify your bank about your departure. You wouldn’t want to make a long distance call to unlocking your card.

¿What would you add to our list? ¡Tell us!

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